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We are an accumulation of ideas, desires, sounds.

We want to be, claim, express, make you feel.

We are an expression, free thoughts without any compromise, a ball in the stomach to expel.

We are not a current, a movement, an ambition to reign, a system but a single engine.

We are terribly human, dark and bright and follow a line.

We believe, bear, show, live, hope.

And you who you are? What line will you follow?

We Are The Line



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2018-06-03Songs light & darkness (EP)

Songs light & darkness (EP)

Out Now

2017-10-22Through The Crack (EP)

Through The Crack (EP)

We finally share with you our first crack to let you discover what / who are.

Listen / Buy HERE


2017-09-20A Cold Place (Single)

A Cold Place (Single)

Everything is ready so we are proud to share our new Single A Cold Place, extract from our upcoming EP Through The Crack

Listen / Download

See You soon

We Are The Line

2017-06-17Restless - Remixes EP

Restless - Remixes EP

Here we are now, with our 1st official release “Restless - Remixes EP”, available now on every digital stores :

Listen to it loudly, share, comment, make it all live,There will be more to come very soon...



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